ReveLAtions 2012 Details – August 17-19th


Date: August 17-19, 2012 (KOF will be played 18-19/Sat-Sun only)

Time: Tournament starts Saturday at 3pm

Location: L3 at the Santa Monica Place

Address: 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Fees: $25 venue + $10 per game

Prizes: There will be a $3000 pot guaranteed (not bonus) and split among top 8, so if there’s 12 or 60 participants the Top 8 will still be paid. If there are more than 100 participants, another $1000 will be added.

Payout: Top 8 will be paid like this:

$3,000 (guaranteed)
1st: $1,500 (50%)
2nd: $600 (20%)
3rd: $300 (10%)
4th: $210 (7%)
5th: $150 (5%)
6th: $120 (4%)
7th: $60 (2%)
8th: $60 (2%)

Console: The event is sponsored by Sony so the console of choice will be PS3s

Rules: Standard EVO rules, Pool play on Saturday up to top 8, Sunday top 8 will play on stage.


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