Latino FGC interview with Dune

FGC from the Latino community had their hands on interview with KOF veteran, Dune

Name: Dune
Location: Japan

Thank you for helping out with this interview. And most important, thank you for having supported the KOF community in Japan for so many years. We really appreciate it!!!

First of all let’s begin can you tell us where are you from?

I’m from Yokohama in Japan.I frequently played KOF in the game-center located near my house. I live in Tokyo now.

What game are you playing right now?

I usually play KOF13 console. I play it with Tokido once a week.

What is your arcade stick of choice?

I use RAP and MCZ TE.

Is the KOF XIII scene in Japan big?

Many players still like 2002UM more than 13. Unfortunately KOF13 scene in Japan is not so big. However, there are many high level players in Japan.

Why do you think that is that is the case?

Players in Japan like game systems of KOF, not characters. They don’t care “how beautiful.” The game is so, they like to play 2002UM.

How did the idea about Dueling the KOF begin?

I started Dueling the KOF because nobody held big tournaments, and I wanted the community of KOF to continue. But I think I am more of a KOF player now.

Has Dueling the KOF ended?

Dueling the KOF has not ended. I left my position as the organizer of Dueling the KOF, Hummer has taken over.

Besides Arcadia and a-cho, who else organizes tournaments in Japan?

About KOF, Hummer and I. And, small tournaments are often held in japan.

How did elivepro approach you?

Back when arcade version 1.1 was released, I won the major tournament which decided the three strongest players in Japan. Anyway, eLivepro doesn’t exist now.

When are we finally gonna see you at EVO or any tournament in the West?

I’m sorry I don’t know. I have no sponsors.

Do you by any chance know what games are No. 17, Hummer, and Bata playing?

About No.17… I don’t know.

About Hummer… he plays KOF2002 and 2002UM.

About Bata… he plays AQUAPAZZA. He won SBO 2012 with OZ who won KOF2002UM in SBO 2010.

Do you know why KOF XIII Climax isn’t being carried by many arcades in Japan?

SNK Playmore thought that Climax will not sell. So, SNK Playmore made very few Climax units.

What should we as a community should do in order to keep KOF alive?

We must tell everyone the excitement of KOF.

Any words for your fans out there?

Let’s play KOF!

Where can people follow you?


Thank you very much for your time, hope to see you in America soon!!!

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