Drive Cancel Radio Episode 14: NEC13, East Coast KOF

In this episode, MonoTekETea , Malik, and AGE Romance (with TC Yoshi) talk about the positives and negatives surrounding the KOFXIII tournament held at NEC13. We also discuss a bit about the current state of the east coast USA KOF community.
Episode 14: NEC13, East Coast KOF

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One comment

  • Awesome podcast. this explains alot of what happen in NEC XIII (KOF side) and stuff we didn’t know about as well. after listening to this podcast i can say i can forgive what NEC XIII did and thank you for what you are doing for KOF at Winter Brawl. i say to them just make sure this doesn’t happen again in any event and make sure to have at least Top 8 of KOF in the main stream at Winter Brawl. thanks Dream Cancel for everything. ShoutOuts to SNK, ATLUS, all KOF players, KOF supporters, and Fans.

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