Vice Combo Compilation, Hyper Drive Setups and More

Fresh from ImbuedGold’s YouTube channel, they’ve recently uploaded a video consisting of Vice’s most practical combos off of practical situations such as counter hits in various places on-screen and jump-ins. This is a recommend watch for everyone who uses Vice or is considering picking her up to watch as this is a great start or refreshment of what types of options you have at your disposal.                             

Hyper Drive Setups and More…..

As many of you may or may not be aware of, Team Chaos started their first stream about two weekends ago called kofinnovations and featured on the first episode was AGE|TC Romance featuring EMP|LDA Luis Cha. Now what really stood out were the Hyper Drive (HD) setups they were displaying and the combos being used. This is a must watch because it provides insight about the not too far off future meta-game of setups to be used (such as what the CafeID players are doing right now) & watching may also get the creative juices flowing in your own mind as well.

KOF Innovations

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