KCE Cup 5 KOF XIII Climax Tournament in Japan



Don’t miss out of two days of KOF action! First off, today will start off with KCE (KOF Crazy Encyclopedia) One day before first official SNK-Playmore KOF XIII Climax Tournament.

You will need to make a free account by clicking the red link in order to watch

Stream URL for KCECup5:
http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv122023437 Preliminaries Starts at 3PM JST on Jan 13 which is around Jan 12(Sat) 10 PM Pacific Standard Time USA
http://live.nicovideo.jp/gate/lv122023787 Top 8 Finals Starts at 5PM JST on Jan 13 which is around Jan 12(Sat) 12 AM Pacific Standard Time USA

This seeding tournament will run in two parts: the preliminaries, then the finals. 6 of the top 8 teams for the finals have already been decided from previous events last year (refer below). Only two of these teams will win seeding for the next day.
Team 1: Kyabetsu(Evo 9th place winner), Koukou
Team 2: Rinomoto, Picnic
Team 3: Ogosho(Two-time SBO champion), Dune
Team 4: Haregoro, Hisa
Team 5: Tenkawa, Myu
Team 6: Nagihey, Gaku
Team 7&8: TBD from preliminaries for Jan 13

Rules: 2-on-2 team match, same characters can’t be used by teammates, Alt characters are considered separate.

Credits to Professor at MMCafe


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