Dream Cancel is back online

Sorry for the downtime we had in the past 24 hours. There were some slight problems with our hosting and domain server Godaddy but things seem to be fixed and resolved now. They are currently performing maintenance on their servers so you might experience short amounts of downtime until Tuesday. But for the time being, we want to share with you a few projects the Dream Cancel team is working on to help the community grow and the players improve:

1.) The KOFXIII FAQ project

This project is lead by Great_Dark_Hero which features the most common questions and answers concerning the gameplay features and mechanics of KOFXIII from a perspective of a new player coming from different 2D fighting games. We want to make this FAQ a page/article in the tutorial section but before we do that, we need to make sure the information is accurate and q & a’s are helpful. To view the questions and answers go to the thread and share your thoughts, critique, feedback, and Q & A’s you want to see featured: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=2825.0

2.) Drive Cancel Radio Presents: KOFXIII Character Series

The concept behind this project is to feature one character in a single podcast episode, discussed by the players who focus and main that character. It will be gameplay discussion (ONLY) based with topics concerning the character’s strengths and weaknesses compared to other characters, all of their moves (normals, specials, DMs, Neomax), general strategy, tactics, tips & tricks, setups, match-ups and much more. If you have any ideas or suggestions concerning the character series, post them here: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=701.msg64097#msg64097

3.) Dream Cancel KOFXIII Wiki Spring Cleaning

Forum members are constantly updating the KOFXIII wiki with updated character information, and now we need the community’s help to aid us in proofreading pages for both incorrect info, typos, and contributing new strategies and tactics. If you have a wiki editor account, please take time to read other character pages for any mistakes or inconsistencies and report them (or change them if necessary) in the a character wiki thread in the character discussion section: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?board=6.0

If you do not have a wiki editor account, please report any errors or mistakes in our wiki in the designated character wiki threads or even post your findings in our chatango chatbox or as a comment for this article.

That’s all for now, but more is coming up later.

-Desmond Delaghetto

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