East Coast Throwdown 5 Results




Here are the Results for the King of Fighters XIII tournament that took place this past weekend at ECT V in Morristown, NJ

1. AGE|TC|LDA Romance (King/Benimaru/Saiki/Yuri)
2. RG|PachuKOF (Takuma/King/Kim/Shen)
3. KaneBlueRiverCL (Raiden/Vice/Takuma)
4. MarcoPolo (Benimaru/Yuri/EX-Kyo/Claw Iori/Athena)
5. (DC|SS|NTF|ZD) Malik (Mr. Karate/Shen/Kyo/Billy)
5. GU|Flocker (Mai/Athena/Yuri)
7. Merkilo (Terry/Kyo/Mr. Karate)
7. Zeal (Saiki/Kyo/Elisabeth)

Winners Semis between Romance and Malik went 2-1; KaneBlueRiverCL and Flocker went 2-0

Losers Quarters between  Merkilo and PachuKOF went 2-0; MarcoPolo and Zeal went 2-0; PachuKOF and Flocker went 2-1; MarcoPolo and Malik went 2-0

Winners Finals between KaneBlueRiverCL and Romance went 1-3

Losers Semis between MarcoPolo and PachuKOF went 1-2

Losers Finals between KaneBlueRiverCL and PachuKOF went 1-3

Grand Finals between Romance and PachuKOF went 3-0


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