Juicy Bits: Some KOF13 basics with Jim – Beginners Video Tutorials

Juicebox Abel recorded and uploaded a very good tutorial session with his friend Jim who is new to KOFXIII.

“Had a casual session with my friend Jim, afterwards I explained some KOF concepts to him. The monsters wanted me to upload this to Youtube so I did!”

Note: There are timestamps in the “About” section of the video on it’s youtube page.

Part 1

0:00 “Crossups and input direction”

4:12 “Going over his character choices/recommending characters for him since he needs a 3rd. Each of the characters I mention are the ones I would recommend for teaching fundamentals to beginners, regardless of team position.”

11:15 “Why EX Iori ISN’T good for beginners”

14:20 “Throws/options in the close range game (continues in part 2)”

Part 2

0:00 “Throws/options in the close range game (continued from part 1)”

6:23 “How can I practice/watching match videos to improve”

11:23 “Kyo anti-airs/crouching anti-air in general (continues in Part 3)”

Part 3

0:00 “Kyo anti-airs/mid-screen HD (continued from part 2)”

1:33 “Why Double Tap?”

3:45 “Practicing hit-confirms with Kyo”

7:35 “Practicing hit-confirms with Takuma”

Part 4

0:00 “Anti-air theory”

4:35 “Claw Iori’s slashes, are they good on block?”

5:25 “Practicing hit-confirms with Claw Iori”

8:20 “Help with Takuma’s Cadillac (the charge kick), options if the string is blocked”

12:40 “Thinking about the neutral game (continues in part 5)”

Part 5

0:00 “Thinking about the neutral game/Why Fireballs aren’t great (continued from part 4)”

6:20 “Thinking about risk and reward”

9:40 “Why do good players guard-cancel blowback so much?”

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