Atlus USA special event at The RunBack June 20th, 2013


Atlus USA showed up last week to help promote P4U and KOFXIII one last time before Evo 2013 and gathered together some of the top players in the world and put on a 5v5 tournament and gave out prizes. On the Team Chaos side we had: TC | RealKim, TC | Stolen Hope, TC | TheBeast, TC | Yoshi, and TC | Romance and on the other team we had: Mr KOF, Chile’s KaneBlueRiver, CMD Duc, Ricky Diaz, and Reynald. Almost every single one of aforementioned, if not all, have his at least Top8 or Top16 in major tournaments. Check out the archive at Levelup (1hr20min mark).

At the same time, we still ran the usual double elimination tournament and as you can imagine the lineup was STACKED! Courtesy of MildWallace and myself we have the full playlist here (27 matches):

The bracket:

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