KOF IS HERE AGAIN T-Shirts Now Available

MusicalxFelony has pressed up a good amount of the KOF IS HERE AGAIN shirts that are designed by our friend Gunsmith of orochinagi.com!

The t-shirts have many sizes and are $13 USD with $3.50 for shipping (international orders are not accepted, sorry).  He currently has 30 shirts in stock right now but will re-stock if a certain size runs out. If all shirts are out of stock, he will contact you and give you a time frame on when to wait for your order.

MusicalxFelony will be attending a few tournaments this quarter if you will like to pick up an order from him personally or buy one on the spot. He will be attending Versus Mayhem Vol.7 which is being held July 6th, EVO 2013 which is July 12-14th and CEO Never Sleeps in November. If you choose the pickup option through PayPal be sure to email him at hidden46 (at)  ymail.com and let him know which tournament you will be attending.

It is first come first serve; he will discontinue pick-up orders at tournaments if 50 shirts are ordered because he carries the shirts by himself at the airport when he travels.

The t-shirt features logos of many different King of Fighters community websites from around the world (including Dream Cancel).  If you are interested in representing the global KOF community, and the game series itself, do yourself a favor and buy one! The PayPal button is below!


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