KOFXIII Steam Edition will come with Climax balance changes

Over at the Steam Community forums, SNKP community manager Y2 has posted some information regarding the upcoming release of KOFXIII steam edition.

One of the interesting things he mentioned is that “KOFXIII S.E will be a fusion of KOFXIII CLIMAX and the Xbox360 version of KOFXIII. The gameplay of KOFXIII S.E. is based on KOFXIII CLIMAX. The UI, menus, and configs are based on the Xbox 360 version of KOFXIII”

Previously SNKP introduced a few balanced changes when they ported the console version of KOFXIII back to the arcades for KOFXIII Climax.  For a partial list of changes introduced in climax, check here.

He also mentioned a few things that are being introduced in the steam release and what to expect in the upcoming closed beta test:
– Since there may be lower performing PCs out there, we have introduced a “Static” and “Dynamic” background system available in the Graphics Options menu. If you are receiving low FPS, consider trying out the “Static” background mode.
– There are also 2 Frame Rate modes available: “Fixed” and “Variable”. In the interests of better online experiences, Online play will be fixed to the “Fixed” Frame Rate mode. – The closed beta will only feature Online play. We understand the importance of excellent netcode and so we wish to utilize this beta test as a means of collecting feedback on our new netcode. We will then use this feedback to further improve the netcode where possible.

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