The KOF Community Anti Chin guide


The international KOF community has come together and put together a pretty comprehensive guide on how to deal with this old man.  Video done by Gunsmith of and the text version was done by Professor from MMCafe.

A lot of work has been put into this especially by Gunsmith and the Professor but special thanks to Frionel, Budgies and RaisedbyFinches for their input.

Based on the anti-chin strategies by Dune(KCE)Tactic advisors : Budgies, Frionel, Kane317(DC)
Project director & video version creator : Gunsmith(ON)
Preface and editing (text version) : Professor(MMC)

The Final Version (0.5) of a guide that took global participation (Dune, Kane317, Frionel, RaisedbyFinches), around 4 months of editing and a whole load of trauma to complete.

Please check out both as they put in a lot of time and effort on the guide to help everyone out.

Graphical text:

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