KoFXIII Steam Edition officially released today

After a few weeks of beta tests, KoFXIII Steam Edition is officially released today.  If you didn’t preorder, you can get yours on Steam for $29.99.

The Steam release features a much improved netcode compared to the console versions.  It also includes the small balance changes introduced in the Climax edition.  In addition, all the DLC characters are included free of charge.  The development team also added some features exclusive to the steam platform including steam trading cards.


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  • I know Steam is cool and all, demand and supply world ppl are happy with. Yet I do wonder if there’s any way DC can be integrated into Steam community? We need more than today, but tomorrow, man. All that have been made and done here will be forgotten if you let ppl rant about not knowing how to behave in online matches there. I mean, ppl can use both DC and Steam, right?I know SE won’t take away the ppl’s need to discuss and share things, not just be here for a math.
    So maybe DC can shift its focus from all KOF lovers Unite!! Aspect to helping online beginners who have done enough training with partners to get out of the hives and be part of the offline scene. I know you’ve already done that in We love KOF article. Just and idea.

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