Footage of Infiltration’s KofXIII gameplay

Infiltration, one of the best fighting game player in the world and internationally known for his methodical Akuma play, was recently seen playing kof for a staggering 6 hours with various Cafeid members.

While Infiltration is not particularly known for his Kof gameplay, and there hasn’t been much footage of him playing KofXIII since the game launched.  It is interesting to see how the street fighter master will fare in Kof.

If you’re curious about what Infiltration could do in KofXIII, check out the stream archive below:

Watch live video from Cafeid on TwitchTV

While we are not sure if Infiltration will continue to play KofXIII seriously, we hope that he will eventually join the Kof community and make a big splash like he did in the Street Fighter Community.

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