Ash’s revenge on Iori – What it REALLY feels like to play Ash

If you remember recently in a video titled “What it really feels like to play Ash,”  Mr Kof’s Ash pulled off a very stylish combo that lasted almost 40 seconds long and left Iori with very little health, only to be one touch killed by Iori seconds later with a relatively simple combo.

In the recently released videos of Duelling the kof, which took place late last year in Japan, we get to see an almost reenactment of the Ash vs Iori fight.  This time around in a match with Tenkawa vs KouKou, Ash was hit by Iori’s HD combo, leaving him with little health.  Unlike what happened before, this time Ash was able to pull off his combos to successfully kill off Iori.

Frionel has compiled the two videos together to show us “What it REALLY feels like to play Ash.”

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