Latest KOF XIII Tourney Results (Jan 11-12th)

Defend The North 2014 Results

Defend The North 2014
1st: AGE|TC Romance
2nd: AGE|NYChrisG
3rd: RG|PachuKOF
4th: RG|MarcoPolo
5th: Murder Kae
5th: A3Religion
7th: DC|Lazie Freddy
7th: DC|Malik
Full Results Here

Winter Showdown Results

Winter Showdown
1st: Alan Asap
2nd: SHGxPedro
3rd: Kay Galaga

Saturday Slugfest XVII Results

Saturday Slugfest XVII
1st: Joel
2nd: Juicebox
3rd: 62bitgaming|Mechanica
4th: CCG|Air
5th: Daniel
5th: Sam B
7th: Dave O
7th: The Show
Full Results Here

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