Dream Cancel KOFXIII Steam Battle #2 Results

Yesterday, in our 2nd Steam Battle, we played online for 5 hours. A couple of new names decided to join us this session to play in first to 5 match sets.

Ralone1 vs Macrobeast
Ralone1 wins 5-0

DC|Desmond Delaghetto vs Macrobeast
Desmond wins 5-1

DC|LazieFred vs Ralone1
LazieFred wins 5-0

SolGoodGuy vs Knobble/The Bogard
SolGoodguy wins 5-0

HawaiiMonkey vs Ralone1
HawaiiMonkey wins 6-1

Ralone1 vs Knobble/The Bogard
Ralone1 wins 5-1

Zofujioka vs Knobble/The Bogard
Zofujioka wins 10-1

DC|Desmond Delaghetto vs Ralone1
Ralone1 wins 5-0

DC|Desmond Delaghetto vs Knobble/The Bogard
Desmond wins 5-0

DC|Desmond Delaghetto vs SHG.KCO Pedro
SHG.KCO Pedro wins 5-0

Post questions, feedback and comments regard this past session in this thread:

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