SNKP trademarks “The Rhythm of Fighters”

According to the Japan tradmark Bureau, SNKP has registered the title “The Rhythm of Fighters” on Feb 21, 2014.  The trademark is applicable for console, arcade, and online softwares.

According the Professor over at the Mad man’s cafe, SNKP has a solid record of actually using their trademarks when they register one, so we have a good chance to see a new music game from SNKP in the near future.

Give that Atlus is preparing its own music game based on its popular Persona series.  We would not be surprised if SNKP would develop a music game based on the King of Fighters series.

Let us know in the comments sections or in the forums what you would like to expect from SNKP in regards to music games.

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I am a neuroscientist and lifelong student of economics, psychology, and philosophy. I play fighting games in my free time. Follow me on twitter @laziefred
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