Fundraiser Goal OFFICIALLY Reached – Khannibalito Is Going To Korea!

The KOF community responded fiercely and swiftly to our fundraiser and helped $1430 in almost 30 hours! Thank you so much for your donations and support! Khannibalito is heading to Korea to attend and participate the Global ID Tournament to represent North America!

Here is a statement of gratitude from fundraiser campaign manager Henry Choi aka Choysauce:

“Hey everyone!
WE DID IT! We’ve raised $1430! Khannibalito is officially going to Korea to compete at the Café Id Global Tournament. He’s going to enter the $10,000 King of Fighters 13 tournament, repping North America.
First and foremost we want to thank the community for their support in this. This would have been impossible without everyone’s help to support this cause. We also want to thank Café Id for their huge support with comping hotel fees and working with our scheduling. Big thanks to Dream Cancel with housing the campaign and helping with advertising. And many thanks to Team Lago for helping coordinate things with Khannibalito himself and running the initial stream that raised $1k in 12 hours.
Obviously it’s not over here. Everyone who helped can get hype when we win DOUBLE OUR MONEY BACK! We gotta support our boy, Khannibalito, and watch him win us the $10k when’s over in Korea at the Café Id Global Tournament.

Watch the KOF13 stream on 3/28 FRIDAY 10pm Pacific Standard time (SAT 2PM Korea Time).
Top 8 KOF stream on 3/30 SUNDAY 1am Pacific Standard time (Saturday Late Night) (SUN 5pm Korea Time)

Once again thank everyone in the community. We’re showing the world, KOF IS HERE AGAIN!”


  • Kooool. Go Korea, Kof, Khannibalito!! 3Ks…

    • Khanibalito did not make it out of brackets. He went against the best so there is no shame.
      We need to send top Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese and Europeans to battle in Mexico.

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