KOFXIII: King Combo Video by Persona

In this combo video, Persona explores King’s maximum damage with her corner drive cancel combos using different super meter requirements and other high damaging HD combos:

Here are some notes from Persona in the description section of the vid:

“Her combos are also about positioning. From afar, you’re open to several combo options but lose close options. From close, you’re open to several options but lose far options. And the only way you can go back and forth is with her air EX qcf K since it pushes you back so you’re out of the corner. Her Neo Max is also terrible. The only good use for it is max canceling from her qcfx2 AC or by finding enough time to jump and do it manually. The normal full amount of hits it does is 17 but with correct positioning, you can get 18 although 17 seems to be the max on a juggled opponent (18 hits work on a standing opponent).”

Visit the thread Persona posted his video in if you have any comments or questions to ask him: http://dreamcancel.com/forum/index.php?topic=7.msg68329#msg68329

Source: Persona

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  • Persona’s always awesome, but there’s something about King’s mechanics that just put me to sleep watching the vid.

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