Send Khannibalito to Cafe Id Tournament!

We are proud to announce our first fundraiser in which we will be helping to send Khannibalito to Korea for the Cafe ID Global Tournament!

There will be a fundraiser stream later ran by the TeamLago KOF community! We will keep you updated on all the results of the stream and the fundraiser!

If Khannibalito gets 1st place and gets the prize money. Everyone who donates will get DOUBLE THEIR DONATION BACK, but if he places any lower we can’t give anything back.
Our projection is about $2500 for air fare mainly and the entry fee. Our deadline is going to be March 25th!
We will REFUND ALL THE MONEY (minus paypal transfer costs) if we can’t meet the goal. The deadline is Monday/Tuesday (3/24, 3/25), PLEASE SHARE on Twitter, Facebook etc!

For more information and to help donate, go here and help spread the word:

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