(Rumor) Cheats to unlock Dark Saiki and Dark Ash in KofXIII Steam Edition

As you know, the boss versions of Saiki and Ash are incredibly powerful, and are not selectable by normal means.  Over at the steam forums, AlexWodka has uploaded a match that he claimed his opponents used Dark Saiki and Dark Ash in an online match.

While we do not support using boss characters in an online match, and that they should be banned for tournament play, unlocking the boss characters might be fun for players who just want to try them out offline.

Currently, we are still investigating how to unlock these characters.  Let us know if you heard anything about this cheat.  Check out the video below for some Dark Ash action  (Dark Ash appears at the 58 sec mark):

One comment

  • Boss ash and saiki are selectable not through unlocking but by modifying the default client(kof xiii.exe) and when you start the game through steam they would go through the modified client which enable players to play as boss

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