UFGT10: X & Japonawa 2014 Tournament Results


(81 players)
1st – LDA TC Romance
2nd – Mario E
3rd – IGL|DC James Jr.
4th – TF TKC Kiyardo
5th – GG.NYChrisG
5th – BAM KARN
7th – DJ Huoshen
7th – Samson
9th – Dave O
9th – Higgs Bison
9th – Teyah
9th – OG JaMarvelous
13th – Grublet
13th – T2A Diaphone
13th – HYPE TSF
13th – DC|Desmond Delaghetto

Video archive http://www.twitch.tv/nobodyexe/b/532052297

japonawa 2014 may 24-25 tijuana mexico

(40 players)
1st place: MCZ|TC|LDA Luis Cha
2nd: Mexikof|Violento Kain
3rd: XTR|Huevo
4th: KOF.MXLI| Sombra
5th: Titosuka
5th: KOF.MXLI| Juan
7th: ST| Archi

Video Archive: http://www.twitch.tv/teamlago/b/532154077 (starts at 01:05:00)

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