CEO 2014 Results

Community Effort Orlando is scheduled to start today.  The tournament features some of the best Kof players from around the world.  Come back to this page for all the updates for KofXIII at CEO.

Confirmed players include:  Romance, Misterio, Luis Cha, Zero Black, Chris G, Reynald, and more!

FunkyP will be the kof tournament.  Pools will start today at 2pm EST.  Top 8 is scheduled for Saturday at 2pm tentatively.
Watch live video from Ceogaming on

Check out the brackets and match logs after the break.


1.) AS| Reynald
2.) TC|LDA|EMP Luis Cha
3.) VGM| ZeroBlack
4.) VGM| Misterio
5.) DIG| Prodigal Son
5.) BE| KaneBlueRiver
7.) RG| Flocker
7.) TKC ON| Vicio

Match Logs:

Grand Finals:

TC|LDA|EMP Luis Cha vs AS| Reynald 3-2

AS| Reynald vs TC|LDA|EMP Luis Cha 3-1

Top 8:

VGM| ZeroBlack vs KaneBlueRiver 2-0

VGM| ZeroBlack vs Misterio 2-0

VGM| ZeroBlack vs TC|LDA|EMP Luis Cha 0-3


DIG| Prodigal Son vs Jelly 2-0

DIG| Prodigal Son vs JaimeC 2-0

Alphonso vs MCZ LDA| Luis Cha 0-2

Alphonso vs DIG| Prodigal Son 0-2

Artilleria27 Bananaex vs Carlos C 2-0

Artilleria27 Bananaex vs AS| Reynald 0-2

Arrogant Swagger vs KaneBlueRiver 0-2

GG| ChirsG vs TKC ON| Vicio 2-0

Creole Mustard vs TKC ON| Vicio 0-2

Not a Fiend vs TKC ON| Vicio 0-2

GG|Chris G vs VGM| ZeroBlack 0-2

GG| Chris G vs TKC ON| Vicio 0-2

Pre-CEO friendly matches:

Misterio vs Luis Cha FT10

10-8, 10-6.  Misterio wins both sets.

Zero Black vs Luis Cha FT10

5-10, Luis Cha wins.

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