Juicy Bit Tutorials in Spanish by Team SLR

If you play KOF XIII then it’s possible that you know who Juicebox is.

On his youtube channel you willl find his Juicy Bits tutorials which cover KOF XIII system mechanics, playstyle knowledge and character specific tutorials.

With permission from Juicebox, the guys at Team SLR from Rosarito have taken the task to translate these tutorials into spanish for the sake of reaching and giving access to more communities around the world.

First is the Projectile video:

Second video covers spacing:

Please pass these along if you know any beginner players that will benefit from these spanish tutorials.

Stay tuned for upcoming videos and check our youtube channel to check some of our current videos including coverage of Japonawa 2014 Pools!

Also visit Juicebox’s channel to watch all his great KOF XIII tutorials and content!

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