Check out these hit boxes in Kof XIII

Following the release of Odabug’s amazing hit box viewer yesterday, we have been hard at work picking apart the game to analyzing some of the puzzling hitboxes, that we’ve been wondering about for a long time.

The following is a selection of the some of the more interesting hit boxes we found.

First up, we have Benimaru’s j.D.  The multipurpose move that everyone hates.  (Update:  the hitbox showed before was in fact hop.D as Pheonix pointed out.)

The super-wide hit box pretty much aligns with his hurt box, so it is very hard not to trade with him, if you not down right beaten.


Speaking of crossups, here we have a comparison between Saiki and Ash’s j.D. As you can see, Saiki has a wider hitbox, so he has an easier time to cross up.

Following the same vein, we continue to explore the differences between Ex Kyo and Kyo’s j.2C.  Here, Ex Kyo might have a bigger hitbox, but his collision box extends further down than Kyo’s, so it’s harder for him to cross up.

The difference between the two Kyos doesn’t stop there.  We were very surprised to find out that many of Kyo’s normals have different hitboxes.


Now, let’s take a look at some of the other moves that have been abused by many players.

Chin – j.CD

Hwa St.CD and st.D

Yuri j.B, dive kick

Yuri. St.CD

Kim st.B and ff+A

Ex Iori

Want more?  Check out the full album here.


  • Hey,

    Phoenix here, I’ve been helping out pdk (odabugs) with a lot of the planning, and the fact that the game knows the difference between fireballs, throws and attacks is mostly my doing. That being said, much of that was manual, and done by my knowledge of the game, which means a couple of things:
    1. There might still be some mistakes, and attacks that are marked as physical hits while they’re actually throws or fireballs. Make sure to let us know!
    2. We really hope that we can figure out how the game identifies those moves as being different, still a lot of stuff to do.
    3. There’s still lots of work to do. We haven’t found any throwable boxes, or counters that show throw invincibility, we haven’t found good ways to identify moves that anywhere juggle, and those that don’t. Below the collision box there is a seemingly useless hittable box, which presumably is the anywhere juggle box.

    I just want to point out a little mistake in this post: There’s a difference between jump and hop hitboxes, the hitbox of Benimaru’s j.D you’re showing is actually his hop D, his j.D hitbox is actually a little scarier, as you can see over at the imgur gallery I put together as an intial showcase of the hitboxes:

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