KOFXIII EVO 2014 Pool Matches & FT5 Matches Archive Captured By KingsofCO

At Evo 2014, KingsofCo aided the KOF community by contributing their stream for the pool matches of the King of Fighters XIII tournament, and also capturing a few first to 5 match sets during the weekend.

Commentary for the pool tournament matches are handled by Juicebox, Liston, Sendo, Desmond Delaghetto (myself), and FroFighter:

KaneBlueRiver vs SanwaCat

Bonkler vs PSG El Matador

Qanba Dakou vs Kyabetsu

IGL DC James Jr vs Pam

LDA ET vs Eduardo Diaz

Maidman vs Hitoshi

Hit the jump to see the rest of the video archive!

DS Layec vs Woo

TC Pako vs Kyabetsu

Ziwa vs BXG Misterio

Qanba Dakou vs Kyabetsu (second set)

PX Rocklandkyo vs Leuffy

ShafterFish vs VGM ZeroBlack

Mr KOF vs KCO Alex

MCZ Tokido vs ON Vicio

Sange Tencho vs Fubarduck

MCZ Tokido vs Violent Kain

TD Pedro vs TC RealKim

Freeze/Kang vs Trumpet

Qanba XiaoHai vs Leffen

Freeze/Kang vs TC RealKim

Chucko vs El Quattro Loco

Chucko vs Trumpet

MexiKOF El Rosa vs MadKOF

Qanba XiaoHai vs MadKOF

MexiKOF Kusanagi vs MCZ Tokido

Mr KOF vs MCZ Tokido

Qanba Dakou vs Woo

Gutts CL vs Woo

Bubblan vs Woo

Mr KOF vs Woo

FT5 Money Matches – MadKOF vs LDA ET

FT5 Money Matches – MCZ TC Luis Cha vs ET

FT5 Money Matches – TC ChrisKOF vs LDA ET

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