KOFXIII: Mr. Karate Combo Video By Persona

Persona is back with a brand new combo video showcasing the crazy damage output by Mr. Karate!

Here are a few notes by Persona which are found in the description section of the video on youtube:

“Mr. Karate can dish out very solid damage considering that most of his specials all do the same amount of damage so you’re quite free to pull off free style combos and still make the opponent suffer. Just like Takuma, ending his HD mode combos with his EX super does more damage than his Neo Max since you can easily get around 250 damage after HD mode is finished. If you’re a Mr. Karate veteran, you might notice that I was able to pull off some odd loops that normally isn’t possible. The answer is simple and that many of the air hcf Bs in the video are performed from a backstep giving you extra frames to perform other attacks afterwards that a tigerknee air hcf B could not achieve. Personally I find doing the backstep hcf K much more difficult than other backstep air specials in the game because you have to be accurate with your timing unlike other air specials like the Benimaru infinite where you have more frames to mess up in case you’re not doing it quickly enough.”

Source: Persona Entertainment

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