KOF XIII Steam Edition Giveaway by TEAM SLR

Team SLR is GIVING AWAY a copy of KOF XIII Steam Edition!
To enter you must follow these 2 easy steps:

1- Like them on Facebook

2- Follow them on Twitch

You have until Sunday September 7th to enter. The winner will be announced tuesday september 9th!

Also check their Live stream on tuesdays for som KOF XIII Action!

FINE PRINT: The winner will be chosen at random from the people that follow them on twitch, from there they will verify the users facebook name, this will be done on monday. Once verified that it is the same person the code will be sent via facebook and the winner will be announced on tuesday. (If you already follow them on twitch then all you have to do is like them on facebook or vice-versa)

Source: Team SLR

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