Samurai Shodown Slash is a hack and slash sidescroller

SNK Playmore has been on a roll with partnerships lately, with many of their trademark characters crossing over to other company’s games, and sometimes occuring in entirely different genres.

The latest SNK Playmore collaboration is with Korea’s InPlay.  Together, they have turned Samura Shodown into a 2D sidescroller hack ‘n slash.  You’ll see classic Samsho characters like Haohmaru, Nakoruru, Tachibana, Hanzo, Charlotte, and more slashing their way in this upcoming mobile game.

In addition to Samsho characters, Kyo, Iori, and Mai are also making a guest appearance as playable characters.

The game will be released for the Kakao platform in Korea.  Check out the trailer below:

Via Siliconera

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  • Dunno anything about the game play, but I honestly like the graphics…hope new 3d(2.5d?) kof will have something like this for background…something close to neogeo art.

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