Super Game of Death 2014 KOF XIII Replays feat. Toshi, Kula, Violent Kain, Luis Cha and many others!

The final week of august was very special for the Mexican KOF Community.

DarkGeese arranged for Toshi to travel to Mexico to settle some old scores.

Toshi is widely known as one of the Best (if not THE Best) KOF 2002 players and he came to Mexico to prove that.

Enjoy all these KOF XIII replays and make sure to check DarkGeese’s Youtube to check more Super Game of Death 2014 replays, including all the KOF 2002 Matches Played!

Kula vs Toshi

Luis Cha vs Toshi

Violent Kain vs Toshi

El Rosa vs Toshi

Source: DarkGeese

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