The origins of the Rhythm of Fighters; Siliconera interviews SNK

10550154_360274184119992_5486398273640082573_oSiliconera has recently interviewed SNK Playmore about how the Rhythm of Fighters came to be.  Here is a sneek peek of the interview:

Rhythm of Fighters seems to pay homage to SNK’s history with Athena as a support character and packs of Metal Slug songs. What is the most obscure reference in The Rhythm of Fighters?

Not only with the numerous support characters originating from many SNK games, but The Rhythm of Fighters is also full of Easter Eggs to please all our fans, even the biggest. I would like to take the “in-game flick commands” for example. There, you will be asked to reproduce the Raging Storm’s command input when playing “Soy Sauce for Geese” or the secret command which allows you to play as Kyo Kusanagi in KOF ’99 when playing “Tears”. Please try them all!

Hop over to Siliconera to check out the full interview:



  • You see, this guy made a mistake. Instead of asking them ROF, he should have asked him when they’re gonna make a new game everybody actually wants, like Samsho, FF, or even AOF! It’d be more pleasing if they came out with something!

  • good to hear that someone who knows SNK games are one of the develpers. I’ve read an article saying that SNK has hired an artist who knows little about characters( which may have resulted in some of their fans’ dismay). You know any fan can do a better job. So I’m happy to hear this kind of stuff.

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