Duelling the KOF Results, Live Streams, Brackets, and Schedules


(This post has been updated with results)

Duelling the KOF is taking place at the a-cho arcade during this three-day weekend in Kyoto, Japan.  In addition to the usual Japanese players, many international players are attending:  Korea’s MadKOF, Verna, Gutts, Kensouzzang; France’s, Fox, Salim, Tom Sawyer will be attending. ET from Taiwan will be arriving for casuals on the last day.

The main lineup of the event will include KOF 2002UM, KOF98, and KOF XIII Climax Edition.  All tournaments will be in single elimination team format.  In addition, there will be a 20 vs 20 exhibition between the Kanto and Kansai players, and a Japan vs International exhibition.


KOF XIII Climax Edition
1. Team Berzerk Hito – Hito San/Jinpachi/Sange Tencho
2. Team Parameters 6 – Picnic/M’/Dune

KOF 98
1. Juju (Single Entry)
2. Umibozu/Akihe

KOF 2002 UM
1. Naruto/M’
2. Yohsai/Tatsuya

The Brackets are available here:

Kof Koucha has compiled a list of players for the KOF XIII team tournament:

The schedule is as follow (all times are Tokyo Standard Time)

Day 1 (Saturday):

12:00~ KOF 02UM
14:30~ KOF 98
17:00~ KOF XIII

Day 2 (Sunday):

12:00~ KOF02UM Finals
13:30~ KOF 98 Finals
15:00~ KOF XIII Finals
17:00~ KOF XIII International vs Japan
19:00~ KOF 02UM 20 vs 20

Day 3 (Monday):
12:00~ KOF 2002
14:00~ KOF XI Singles
15:30~ KOF XI Random 2 vs 2

The event is being streamed at the following channels:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream


More coverage:

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