Tomorrow Afternoon on Dream Cancel Live – Episode 33: KOFXIII Console 3-Year Anniversary


Tomorrow at 12pm Central (10am Pacific/1pm Eastern time) will be our 33rd episode of Dream Cancel Live! We will talking about how the game and community of KOFXIII has changed the 3 years since the console release. We will also talk about the future for KOFXIII and the current state of the USA KOF community and players. Hit the jump to see questions and talking points we will discuss on air, and you can answer & share your thoughts upon if you are listening:

– How did you get into KOF13?

– How many people locally were interested?

– What characters did you try at first? Which ones you play with now?

– Do you play on Steam?

– What have you learned gameplay-wise from 2013 to 2014?

– What is your personal tier list? What match ups you have trouble with?

– What gameplay aspects do you like & dislike? What aspects grew or still dont like?

– Do you travel for competition or stay in your area?

– How is the KOF community in your area in general?

– Which KOF scenes inspire you and your community?

– How do you feel about the KOFXIII community in USA (or in your country etc) in general?

– If you feel the game’s hype is decreasing, what ideas do you have to inspire and motivate more hype?

– Do you feel KOF13 will return on the main stage for EVO 2015? If so, why? If not, why?

– What things are we doing correct (in your opinion) and what mistakes are we making as a collective KOF community?

You can watch the show live here on the front page of or on youtube at! The live embedded video will placed on the front page 30 to 45 minutes before the show starts. Please use the chatwing box to chat with other players and to ask questions to be answered on the podcast!

Remember, tomorrow, Saturday November 22nd at 10:00am Pacific, 12pm Central, 1:00pm Eastern!

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