KoF XIII: Goro Daimon Combo Video By Persona

Today, Persona Entertainment uploaded a crazy combo video he recorded featuring KOF XIII character Goro Daimon! You will see lots of meter being used and abused for maximum damage output in HD mode! Here is an exerpt from the description section:

Daimon’s HD mode combos pretty much go in one direction and that’s either juggling them with his hcb-f AC or slamming them onto the ground with his dp K and then into qcb B xx hcf C loops. Many of Daimon’s command grabs do 2 hits with the first hit doing no damage so that pretty much is a 10% damage scaling per grab instead of the usual 5% so if you’re going for damage, you’re better off ending his HD mode combos as soon as possible if you have enough power gauges for his Neo Max. Daimon’s combos are usually practical to do but there’s two main difficult parts and that’s getting 4 df Cs in a juggle and canceling his dp AC at the first hit while still being able to combo after. But other than those, the biggest challenge in this video was trying to fit in 12 combos (I try to make 12 combos for each character) since you can pretty much showcase everything Daimon is capable of in just a few combos considering his limited combo abilities.

Source: Persona Entertainment Youtube

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