Northeast Championships 15 KOFXIII Results

nec15 december 5th

1.) MCZ|LDA Luis Cha (Kim, Shen, Ex Iori
2.) LDA Misterio (Saiki, King, Athena, Yuri)
3.) AS|Reynald (Benimaru, Kim, Mr. Karate, Ryo, Chin)
4.) LDA Romance (King, Benimaru, Yuri)
5.) KCO|Pedro (Benimaru, Mr. Karate, Ex Iori)
5.) Mario E (Mr. Karate, Terry, Ex Iori, Chin)
7.) BaM Karn (Kula, Elisabeth, Chin)
7.) TKC [ON] Vicio (Mature, Leona, Vice)

9.) Liston The Prince
9.) RG PachuKoF
9.) Tf StrayWolf
9.) TS XAQShinor
13.) DC|LazieFreddy
13.) Garou Mike
13.) DC|Malik
13.) Rash The Stampede

Top 8 Match Logs:

Misterio vs Romance 2-0
Luis Cha vs Reynald 2-1
Pedro vs Karn 2-1
Mario E vs Vicio 2-0
Reynald vs Pedro 2-0
Romance vs Mario E 2-0
Reynald vs Romance 2-0
Winners Finals – Luis Cha vs Misterio 2-1
Losers Finals – Misterio vs Reynald 2-0
Grand Finals – Misterio (L) vs Luis Cha (W) 3-2
Grand Finals Reset – Misterio (L) vs Luis Cha (L) 1-3

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