KOFXIII: Ryo Sakazaki & King Combo Video By Persona

Our guy PersonaEntertainment is back with two new combo videos, showing crazy possibilities with Ryo Sakazaki & King!

Be sure to check out the description section, he shares his thoughts on how he comes up with these combos, including notations!

“Although Ryo is a character that requires a low amount of execution, it was very difficult thinking up new ways to push his limits until I remembered that Ryo can juggle some characters higher than usual allowing new ways to juggle. To even push his character specific juggles further, Ryo has character specific juggles that allows him to trade sides with the opponent, allowing for some rather stylish options. I guess the hitboxes for characters in the game are quite different afterall?”

“King’s juggles pretty much go in one direction (which means there’s not much room to optimize) so I feel that I’ve pretty much completed her combos on my first try other than one combo. I felt something about the combo was off and I realized that I could get 4 more damage by adjusting it. There’s other juggles that I’ve seen around (for the arcade version) but sadly they don’t work for the console version or else I would be able to improve this video further. So yeah, not much in terms of improvements but at least you can now watch it in 60 frames per second.”

Source: PersonaEntertainment Youtube Channel

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