KOFXIII: Billy Kane Combo Video By Persona

PersonaEntertainment is back with a new combo video, showing crazy possibilities with Billy Kane!

Be sure to check out the description section, he shares his thoughts on how he comes up with these combos, including notations!

“The old version of my Billy Kane combo video was so terrible that I made this video from scratch. Back then I didn’t understand much about how the damage scaling worked and also didn’t use my HD mode meter to its full potential but I think the biggest difference about this video are all the combo extensions after his super. With well timed horizontal (or vertical) positioning, you can combo after his super, allowing for some stylish looking combos. Billy’s also not very known for doing a ton of damage from his attacks but the max damage combos in the video has proven that he can dish out a ton (to my surprise).”


Source: PersonaEntertainment Youtube Channel

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