SNK Playmore and Square Enix settle their “High Score Girl” manga legal dispute amicably

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Last year SNK Playmore took legal against Square Enix, filing a criminal complaint due to the fact that SE’s publishing branch did not consult them about using content from their games in the “High Score Girl” manga (which heavily covered arcade games from the 90s), and some time after Square Enix took legal against against SNKP in retaliation. As a result, the manga in question also ceased to be published.

Today both companies announced that they have reached an agreement on the issue, in which Ledo Millenium, SNKP’s new major stockholder, has played a part:

As a result, the legal processes initiated by both companies will cease, and the “High Score Girl” manga will resume publication.

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  • Such a shame because we dont get to see the Manga, but proves that in business you cant just take other peoples intellectual property and use it for yourself and expect no come back.

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