Dream Cancel Live! Episode 54: KOFXIV Announced!!!!

King of Fighters XIV was announced yesterday at the Sony Game Conference! How do you feel about the trailer? What things you would like to see in KOFXIV? Which characters, story, gameplay system, modes, features etc? Also, we will talk about the busy KOF tournament weekend: The Fall Classic, Lonestar Admonition Invitation, Scrub Madness and the KOF98UMFE Steam Battle!

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  • I would request only 2 things in KOFxiv:

    1) Ryo Shakazaki: With his projectile going full screen much like KOF 94,95 and 98.

    2) Ralph Pheonix: to have his command grab back again much like KOF 94-2000

    Other new characters which can be a good addition to this version of KOF are : Lee and John from Art of fighting 2, Geese and Krauser from Kof 96,98um.

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