KOF 98 online generated $43 million USD revenue in November

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According to an estimate by CNG, KOF 98 online generated 283 million RMB ($43.2 million USD) in November.  This puts the KOF mobile game at #5 in gross revenue.

KOF 98 online launched earlier this year with much success, as the mobile game secured top spots in the App stores in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.  A Korean version of the game was also recently launched.

It should be noted, however, that KOF 98 online is a collaboration between SNK Playmore, PlayCrab, DurPalm, and Tencent, so SNK will only see a fraction of the revenue.  Regardless, this should be good news for SNK Playmore as the game is also well received in other markets so far.

Source: CNG, via Gamegyro


  • Hooray!! I also appreciate the fact that these ppl (developers) care, not only making games for those money, but they seemt to know what fans want and seem to understand what makes snkp brand games true to its root.

  • the king of fighter xii

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