Tokido: If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I will surely continue to play KOFXIII

Pro gamer MCZ| Tokido recently spoke with 4 gamer on a variety of topics.  In particular he spoke about his thoughts on KOFXIII:

“If only I can continue to play a favorite game, I think I would surely continue to play KOF XIII even now. But I have the feeling that we have to increase the playerbase, but we were unable to convert them. We have recently seen fewers players for the game.  In such an environment, to continue playing would be purely for fun, but it is unsustainable for a professional gamer. So it becomes just a hobby.”

He also spoke about Chile’s Misterio:

I was shocked by the playstyle of Chile’s giant Misterio. In KOF XIII it is easy to change characters, so everyone gravitates towards the stronger characters like Mr. Karate and flame Iori.  The characters Misterio plays are not as strong, such as King and Yuri.  It is very difficult to pull off the his techniques.  His greatness is easy to see even just by watching.  I was forced to reflect on myself “I think this should have been the correct way.

Source: 4gamer via Kof Koucha


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