King of Fighters XIV Dream Cancel Character Forum Section Launched Today

To help players with the KOFXIV demo being released for free on PSN tomorrow (or today depending on where you are) we are soft launching our King of Fighters XIV Dream Cancel Character Forum Section today!

KOFXIV Character Section:

As you see at the moment, there are only 7 characters, Kyo, Iori, Sylvie, Shun’ei, King of Dinosaurs, Nelson and Mai Shiranui in the section right now. At the current moment, we are building the sections for the other characters which will be added over time, very very soon. If you would like to help to speed the process, please private message me (desmond_kof)!

In each section, you will see a general discussion thread for each individual character. Feel free to add as much information to that thread as you like, videos, combos, strats, etc! You are also allowed to create threads yourself in those character sections, like a Video Thread or a Combos Thread, Strategy/Tactics or anything else specific to that character to help improve players knowledge of that character.

Character Section Board Rules:

Don’t have a forum account? Make one here:

Be sure to introduce yourself:

Then start posting:

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