Coliflowerz Will Teach You How To Properly Play Athena Asamiya In King of Fighters XIV In This Quick Tutorial Video

Coliflowerz is back with a new quick combo guide, showing basics of Athena Asamiya gameplay in King of Fighters XIV! This is good for players who are interested in learning Athena; both beginners and advanced players!

Athena is a very simple character to play, but her combo game is quite odd. You’re not really going to be hitconfirming into combos as much with as you are going to try to play the neutral game with fireballs or land command grabs. Really focus on the command grab combos and the MAX mode combos.

Technically Athena can combo into supers from lights by doing into dp A, but it takes a ton of dexterity and really isn’t worth it. It isn’t something I’d teach a new player.

There are a lot of intricacies to some of her command grab combos, but I tried my best to shove them all into the video. Let me know if anything is confusing.

I know a lot of players use the (air) qcb BD special as their MAX starter usually. But those combos are actually pretty terrible. So don’t lol

Source: Coliflowerz Youtube Channel

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