Dream Cancel #KOFXIV Wiki Discord Bot Created By OdaBugs

The KOF community recently have been working hard to update the Dream Cancel King of Fighters XIV wiki through Google docs! To further help players, recently Odabugs installed a discord bot in our Discord Server for you can access any King of Fighters XIV character wiki page! Pages for KOFXI & KOFXIII are supported! More games will be supported soon!

It’s really easy to summon a wiki page from the bot! Just follow the examples above: !wiki catagory character

catagory: kofxiv or xiv or kofxiii or xiii

character: iori or terry or kyo

The bot works in all of the channels in the Dream Cancel Server.

Feature suggestions are welcome! Post your thoughts in the comments section!

Big thanks to Odabugs for creating & intergrating this bot on our server!

If you want to help with the Dream Cancel KOFXIV wiki, follow this link with public guides that anyone can add information to:


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