Now Seeking New Dream Cancel Front Page Contributors For 2019

Right now, Dream Cancel is looking for community members to help provide content for the front page! Here are the categories of content we are looking for at the moment:

– Information & promoting online/netplay Tournaments and events for SNK games (or classic games that were released on Neo-Geo) on console and PC (Steam/Fightcade). Also sharing post-event recaps with video archives, tournament results, possible reflections on the event

– Community members who run & organize SNK focused offline tournaments and events in North America. Can be small local tournaments or national/regional events. Post-event posts are welcomed.

If your central focus is on a certain SNK game series, we would like to have you as a contributor just for that series or game. It can be the Fatal Fury series, Samurai Shodown, SNK Heroines or any of the SNK mobile titles.

If you are interested, please send us an email at dreamcancelsnk (@), or DM desmond_kof on discord or twitter: @desmond_kof

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