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Tournament Recap: Japonawa 2014

Last weekend, I headed down to Tijuana for Japonawa 2014. This was my second trip south of the border to attend this event. Check out my article from last year to get yourself familiar with the history of the tournament, … Continue reading

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DreamCancel Interviews EVO2013 Champ AS | Reynald!

We recently had the chance to catch up with the KoFXIII world champion, ArcadeShock Reynald to ask him some questions. Many of these questions were contributed by community members here on the DC forums, so thanks to everyone for your … Continue reading

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The KOF Challenge, Pre-EVO International Tournament in Tijuana

Starting today around 4pm PST, The KOF Challenge international tournament will be taking place in Tijuana. The best players from Mexico and France (such as Huevo, Kula, Koopa, Fox, and Frionel) are confirmed to be in attendance. Also making an … Continue reading

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Tournament Recap: Japonawa 2013 in Tijuana

This past weekend was Japonawa 2013, the first ever Road to EVO international qualifier held in Mexico. I had the opportunity to attend and snagged some quick interviews and photos while I was there. Below is a full recap of … Continue reading

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KoFXIII Finals from Road to EVO Africa Fighters Tournament in Morocco

Check out the recent finals from some of the best players in Morocco!

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Lone Star Gamer Interviews Romance at Texas Showdown 2013

Check out this awesome interview with AGE| Romance which was done recently at Texas Showdown! The interview is in Spanish with English subtitles.

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More Footage of Young French Player Wawa Being Legit and Awesome

Recently, the FGC was pleasantly surprised by an up and coming player from France named Wawa, who displayed some impressive skill in a 5v5 grand finals set. Here is some additional footage of young Wawa, taking on none other than … Continue reading

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Amazing Performance by 10 Year Old French Player Wawa

At WGC this weekend, a 10 year old French player named Wawa put on an impressive show during the 5v5 World Team tournament grand finals. Check out this amazing player at the 16m30s mark out from the footage of the … Continue reading

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Style Combo Video by Kanibalito

One of Tijuana’s top players, Kanibalito, has just released an awesome combo video featuring stylish HD sequences for various characters. Check it out!

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Awesome KoFXIII Themed Song by DJ Dicks

Dj Dicks, known for his creative sampling of UMVC3 sound effects, has revealed a brand new track which is themed around Athena and her Psycho Ball! Make sure to check out the lyrics in the YouTube description for this awesome … Continue reading

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