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KOF2002UM System Guide Tutorial Video Part 1 & 2

The admins of the KOF2002UM discord server has created system mechanics guide videos for players interested in learning the deeper gameplay concepts of the game.

More parts will be created and included in this series. The first part was created back in March 2020 and the 2nd part was released in June 2020.

Part 1

Part 2

Be sure to buy King of Fighters 2002UM on steam if you haven’t or gift a copy for an interested friend or family member:

The Bodega Classic #3: KOFXIV PS4/Steam Online Tournament Results

The Bodega Classic is a King of Fighters XIV online tournament series presented by the nWo, organized and ran by MarcoPolo with help from various players and content creators in the North American SNK scene. It focuses the gameplay & player connections on the east coast USA scene but has quickly grown to include the Midwest, West Coast and has invited players from Canada and Mexico to participate. PS4 and Steam brackets are ran simultaneously in a two-day event fashion with great prizes organized on Matcherino for the winners.

Recently, the 3rd Bodega Classic was held June 26th and June 27th that featured extremely high level gameplay matches and smooth organization. Luis Cha, Violent Kain, Wero Asamiya, Dechimo and a few other talented KOFXIV players were invited to play and show their skills in the brackets.

Below are the tournament results from the PS4 and Steam brackets:

Be sure to watch the video archives on Twitch that featured great commentary from Aroo, Rome_Himself, ON_Vicio, Meta Abe, HellPockets, Reiki Kito, MarcoPolo and a few others:

Day 1

Day 2 (Spanish commentary)

Matcherino for PS4:
Matcherino for PC:

Keep on the lookout for The Bodega Classic #4!

Check out Videos of KOF Tournament Matches from Lunar Bout 2020

Lunar Bout 2020 was an amazing SNK centric tournament that was held in Brooklyn, New York earlier this February. If you missed the matches on stream or would like to watch matches again, check out the videos from the KOF98UMFE, KOF2002UM and KOFXIV below!



KOF2002UM Pool Play

KOF2002UM Top 6


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