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New Saudi Arabian Female Fighter to Join The King of Fighters XIV

Lots of King of Fighters XIV players have been wondering if developmental support for the game was ending, but it seems that new DLC will be added to the game! A new female fighter from Saudi Arabia (with a complimented stage) will be joining the cast of characters sometime in the future. The fighter was designed from a social media contest winner for a possibly new fighting game title, but now the character has been chosen to join KOFXIV. The character’s stage will be included as DLC also.

What do you think of this? How do you feel about this new character? Do you think there will be more new characters added? Do you think there may be a balance patch and/or an update on the rest of the game?

Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Gemastu, SNKGlobal

Join The KingsofCo #KOFXIV PS4 Online Tournament – Sunday 11/26/2017 – COMMUNITY RAISED CASH PRIZE

Kingsofco is throwing a 4th King of Fighters XIV online tournament for PS4 players!
Here is the challonge link to sign-up:

It’s free to enter & the winner gets a prize that you can contribute to!

More info here:

Check out footage from the last KingsofCo KOFXIV Online Tournament #3:

Massive #KOFXIV Frame Data Update For Version 2.01 Features Added Active Frames, Recovery Frames, On Hit Frames & More

Amedo310 has updated the original frame data table by dragon123us with more columns that has more information on the properties of characters moves & more:

You can check out the newly updated frame data chart google doc here:

Dream Cancel #KOFXIV Party Battle Mode Event #9 – 11/12/2017

Join us Sunday, November 12th in the Dream Cancel Discord Server for a King of Fighters XIV online Party Battle Mode casual session! We will meet in the #kofanyone channel!

We will be playing from 6pm Central (4pm PST/7pm Eastern) to 9pm Central!

All players are encouraged to voice chat with us on discord during the event!

No WIRELESS/WIFI connections please!

Visit the Dream Cancel Forum Thread for more information!

The entire event showing PS4 players in action will be streamed at:

The entire event showing Steam players in action will be streamed at: TBA

Check out the fun we had in the last session!

KingsofCo KOFXIV Online Tournament #3 (PS4) Results

1st Place: Decimo (kimkaphan)
2nd Place: Luis Cha (luisscha)
3rd Place: El Rosa

Check out the clips from the best moments of the tournament here:

Check out the rest of the tournament standings and results here:

Top 8

Grand Finals

KingsofCo’s 3rd King of Fighters XIV Online Tournament (PS4) Reaches $1000 Dollars In Prizes With An Updated Starting Time

In a short amount of time & thanks to the King of Fighters community, the fundraiser for the prize pot for the 3rd KingsofCo King of Fighters XIV Online Tournament (held October 29th) has exceeded it’s goal and it now currently at $1000 dollars in prizes, that will be distributed to the top 8 winners!

Also, the bracket of players have grown a considerate amount because of the high amount of interest! The starting time on Sunday now is 3pm Mountain Time, which is 2pm Pacific, 4pm Central, and 5pm Eastern Standard Time. This will ensure the tournament will have enough time to run throughout the day for the amount of players that have joined. Check out the matcherino page here:

A few King of Fighters XIV online exhibition matches to help promote the online tournament, have been held by Game Goons & ON_Vicio! Here are some twitch clips from the best moments of those exhibitions!

Watch Texas Online Casuals from On_Vicio on

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