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#KOFXIV Public Gameplay Guides Available For Submissions

As as an experiment, I want to see how easily we can get accurate and highly informative King of Fighters XIV gameplay information and content by taking advantage of social media & google docs.

We have a wiki for King of Fighters XIV that needs updating but we have our wiki access locked only for administrators at the moment to protect it from spambots. Since getting wiki accounts can be a pain for myself & the editors, I have chosen to use google docs to be of a “draft” for our wikis and for the information can be constantly updated by the KOF community. Information will be checked for accuracy by myself, the admin team here at Dream Cancel and also anonymous KOF players who will be submitting information to the doc pages.

All docs are open for edit suggestions (a preview edit that must be approved) and comment suggestions (to add a comment about a certain edit without editing the text).

Feel free to add what you can or what you feel may be helpful to making the wiki as informative & easy to read as possible.

Here are all the characters doc pages:


Andy Bogard:






Billy Kane:






Geese Howard:

Goro Daimon:


Iori Yagami:

Joe Higashi:




King of Dinosaurs:




Love Heart:







Mui Mui:



Ralf Jones:


Robert Garcia:

Rock Howard:

Ryo Sakazaki:


Sie Kensou:

Sylvie Paula Paula:

Terry Bogard:

Tung Fu Rue:








If you would like to help the Dream Cancel KOFXIV wiki directly, email us at dreamcancelsnk(@)

#KOFXIV: Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Antonov & Ryo Sakazaki! Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos!

Antonov is a character who uses brute force to deal damage. He used to be able to do a ton of silly yet very damaging loops but sadly it got nerfed but at least they gave him the ability to OTG with his super. Low combo potential and I really hoped that Antonov would have been able to juggle after his specials since with certain setups, he can put the opponent in a very high juggle state but yeah… it doesn’t reward you with anything no matter how high or low the opponent is.

Ryo’s combos are very troublesome due to multiple segments being character specific due to different hurtboxes. Ryo got a nice buff to his combos and that being his EX Zanretsuken being an anywhere juggle (I invented that term by the way. Yes, shameless plugging). While it does extend his combos, a lot of his EX moves can only be used once in a combo, still hindering his combo potential but luckily a lot of his moves put the opponent in a juggle state, still being able to dish out some cool combos… if you’re in the corner.

Source: Persona Entertainment

Read This In-Depth #KOFXIV Guide On How To Play With Shun’ei Written by KPB’s EXWildWolf

If you are curious on learning the basics and advanced gameplay mechanics of Shun’ei in King of Fighters XIV, Kick Punch Block‘s very own EXWildWolf has written a well-done in-depth guide!

Read KM_ATMA’s My #KOFXIV Tier List Explained Part 1/?

If you are interested in learning about which characters are more stronger than others currently in King of Fighters XIV (2.01), check out KM_ATMA’s extensive writeup on his blog! In detail he explains his decisions on placement of characters with breakdowns on their offensive & defensive options! More parts may come soon!

What do you think of about his list? Do you agree or disagree with him at all? Post up your thoughts in the comment section below!

#KOFXIV: Iori Yagami & Hein Combo Video By Persona Entertainment

Persona Entertainment is back with crazy combos using King of Fighters XIV‘s Iori Yagami & Hein! Damage, high amounts of meter, and interesting setups are the motif of these combo videos!

There’s been two major changes to Iori ever since I’ve made the earlier video for him. He can now juggle with his EX rekkas. Although the third hit of it can only connect once, the first two will always hit making Iori’s juggle potential increase dramatically. The second change, while nothing really major for combo videos, is Iori being able to super cancel off the second hit of his dp C. No idea why they didn’t put this in since day one since it’s been a staple since forever.

The latest balance patch allowed Hein to Climax cancel during the last hit of his super (yet still can’t advance cancel it for some strange reason), allowing his damage output to increase quite dramatically. He can also special cancel his jump D now for extra damage. I decided to shorten some combos with less repetitions of his CD loops so the video doesn’t drag on for too long, only doing them for max damage.

Source: Persona Entertainment

Learn How To Play Vanessa in #KOFXIV By Watching This Quick Combo Guide By Coliflowerz

For those interested in learning DLC character Vanessa, Coliflowerz has created a very informative tutorial video that outlines uses of all her normal moves, command moves, special moves and super special moves (include Climax)! This video also shows you some basic combos and tips that will help you learn how to play Vanessa!

This was a doozy… I tried to skim the video down as much as i could while still giving you all the info you need, or else you’d be watching for a good 20 minutes! I hope it’s comprehensible.

If you have trouble doing cr. C xx hcf AC, try inputting the hcf AC as u~hcf AC.

Source: Coliflowerz Youtube Channel

Coliflowerz Will Help You Learn Whip In #KOFXIV Quickly In This Quick Combo Guide

For those interested in learning DLC character Whip, Coliflowerz has created a very simple tutorial that explains all of her moves in easy-to-follow detail & instruction! Very good for new Whip players & intermediate players who want to improve!

Whip is a little awkward to combo with, but she feels pretty good once you get it down. Make sure you learn to extend your rolls. Also she has a potentially pretty tricky cancel in hcf xx qcb~hcf; just practice that until you get it consistent. I know you can do it!

Source: Coliflowerz Youtube Channel

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