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Frosty Faustings V KOFXIII Tournament Results

More videos from the top 4 can be viewed here:

KOFXIII singles

1) AGE | Mario E
2) James Jr.
3) Jamarr
4) Grublet
5) Desmond Delaghetto
5) Sparkster
7) Suiname
7) Tones
9) Josh G
9) Duckator
9) NCV
9) Top Hat
13) Doodlebug
13) NIU | John Dew
13) King of Bums
13) Efo
17) PM | Phreakazoid
17) Luis312
17) Wifoooo
17) John Conway
17) 648 Josh Travis
17) The Blackrose
17) Soufside
17) Azula

5v5 Illinois vs Minnesota KOFXIII (Was not streamed)

1. King of Bums(Raiden, Hwa, Kim) beat Tones(K’, Takuma, Terry)
2. Luis 312(Kyo, EX Iori, Chin) beat Grublet(EX Iori, Ash, Kim)
3. NCV(Kensou, Vice, Yuri) lost to Josh G(Duo Lon, K’, EX Kyo)
4. James Jr.(Duo Lon, Kim, Terry) beat Desmond Delaghetto(King, Kyo, Kim)
5. AGE|Mario(Random) beat Azula(?, Claw Iori, Elisabeth)
6. Luis 312(Kyo, EX Iori, Chin) beat Josh G (Duo Lon, K’, EX Kyo)

Illinois beats Minnesota 5-1.

During the tournament, AGE|Mario E ran a donation drive for his sponsor mate AGE| Knives whose mother was recently involved in a terrible house fire a few weeks ago. Mario received over $140+ in donations from the players at the tournament. If you would like to know more information and to donate yourself, click HERE.

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 15: Goodbye 2012

In this episode, Choysauce, El Colt, Malik and Reiki.Kito reflect upon the year 2012 surrounding the KOF scene in North America and discuss strategies for improvement for 2013.
Episode 15: Goodbye 2012



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King of Fighters XIII: The Highlights of 2012

This is a clip video showing a few random extremely hype, exciting and interesting moments that occurred during 2012. This video only shows a small amount of the excitement that we have seen this year but hopefully it outlines how great of a year 2012 was for KOFXIII.

Discuss this video and share other great video moments of 2012 in this thread:

Terry Bogard’s Frame Data & Zerp’s random K’ tech video

Forum member Zouf posted some frame data values on Terry Bogard that has been added to his wiki page HERE. The tables are still being worked on currently, but you can check out the original post here:

Check it out and post your thoughts!


Also, Zerp has created and uploaded a short video showing some random and useful findings with K’:

Drive Cancel Radio Episode 14: NEC13, East Coast KOF

In this episode, MonoTekETea , Malik, and AGE Romance (with TC Yoshi) talk about the positives and negatives surrounding the KOFXIII tournament held at NEC13. We also discuss a bit about the current state of the east coast USA KOF community.
Episode 14: NEC13, East Coast KOF

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