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Help Build a KOFXIII Beginners FAQ guide!

kof13Currently we are working on a helpful KOFXIII FAQ (frequently asked questions) guide for new players coming from different fighting games. Assist us by submitting your own short FAQ to help beginners!

You can link up any videos, posts, threads from any outside sources if more detail is needed. You can even post a question for other members to answer! The best Q&As submitted in the thread will be used for an official KOFXIII FAQs guide that will be added to our wiki and the tutorials section!

The King of Fighters XIII FAQS Construction Thread

EX Iori Anti Roll Option Select

ShadowFiendIsHere recently recorded and uploaded a video showing some options activated after a hard knockdown, then a meaty crouching B (light kick).

The notation to activate the option select is: cr. B, qcb~hcf+A.

1.) If the opponent blocks the crouching B, then a close A will follow to begin a blockstring.
2.) If the opponent rolls through the crouching B away from the corner, then the maiden masher DM (qcf~hcb+A) will catch them in their roll.
3.) If the opponent gets hit by the crouching B, then the close A will follow up and combo.
4.) If the opponent rolls away from the crouching B (into the corner), then the Kuzukaze command throw (hcb,f+P) will activate and catch their roll.

Let us know if you are able to master the execution in performing this option select and if you have added it to your gameplay.

KOFXIII, 2002UM & 98UM leaked on the Steam database

Steam_LogoMembers over at NeoGaf have reported that King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match & King of Fighters 98: Ultimate Match are showing up in the Steam database for a possible PC release.

Sounds interesting to you? Do you think it will happen? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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