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Drive Cancel Radio Episode 13: Atlus Fighting Championships recap

In this episode, Desmond and Kane317 (both administrators of Dream Cancel) talk about the past Atlus Fighting Championships which featured KOFXIII!
Episode 13: Atlus Fighting Championships recap

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ET and Yang Yao Ren confirmed @ESB2K12!

(from Gunsmith’s original post on Orochinagi) “Yang Yao Ren of EVO and Ren Time fame, will be coming to France with his compatriot ET, who recently beat the crap out of Tokido and Mago (you can see money matches here).  On these recordings, Tokido got the last win, but ET apparently wasn’t using his real team.

Many observers say that Ren’s Mr. Karate is the best in the world…!

Let’s not forget, this tournament is 2 vs 2.  The question is, thinking of the great rivalries, who will the top players of France team up with?  It’s going to be very very interesting!!!”

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Source: Orochinagi

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